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Senate District 23: Tax Referendum and High Profile Endorsements

Incumbent Senator Todd Weiler faces a challenge from a very credible opponent – Marci Green Campbell who is running as a convention only candidate.

During Todd’s time in the legislature taxes and fees have increased and state spending has ballooned—including a gigantic 20% increase over the past two years.

Marci played a very key role in organizing and promoting the referendum that resulted in the legislature repealing the state sales tax on food, a new state sales tax on gasoline and sales taxes on additional services such as online streaming services, pet grooming and Uber rides.

Todd voted for the tax reform packet that Marci opposed and then essentially became the public face of the legislature defending it.

Marci and Todd both participated in a discussion on the tax reform package on KSL radio—Todd in support and Marci against. And she was very instrumental in working with Harmons and Associated Food Stores to make it possible for volunteers to collect signatures in their stores which ensured the success of the previously struggling referendum.

Todd eventually voted to repeal the tax reform package in spite of being one of its strongest supporters. He reportedly continues to defend his support of re-imposing the state sales tax on food arguing that if it was in place now, the state would have an additional $250 million in its coffers [even with the devastating COVID-19 related economic downturn because everyone still has to buy food].

Todd collected signatures so he is guaranteed a place on the June Republican primary election ballot.

Marci didn’t collect signatures so she needs to get over 40% of the votes cast by Senate 23 state delegates in order to get on the primary ballot.

Todd is seemingly doing his best to deny Marci a spot on the primary ballot. He is endorsed by the elites of Utah’s political establishment including Governor Gary Herbert and United States Senator Mitt Romney. And he posts incessantly on Twitter and Facebook.

However, since Todd generally supports leaving it up to the people and not solely to the delegates to determine who the Party’s candidates are, it would be surprising if he were actually asking the delegates to exclude Marci from the primary election ballot especially when the Republican Party is struggling to increase the number of highly qualified women running for office.

Ronald Mortensen

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