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Garbett wins court challenge – could other Republican candidates file their own challenges?

A federal judge has ordered Utah’s voter signature threshold lowered for Jan Garbett because of time lost due to the pandemic. According to State Elections Director Justin Lee, the judge also extended the deadline for certifying the primary ballot from Wednesday (April 30) until May 6, 2020.

Does this open the door for Jeff Burningham to lodge a similar challenge since his campaign was collecting signatures when the coronavirus struck? If Burningham were to file an appeal would he request that the number of signatures required be prorated to the date he stopped collecting signatures due to the governor’s stay-at-home directive and what would that number be? Or would he simply request that he be put on the primary ballot due to the disruption of his campaign?

Burningham may have left the door open for an appeal since on Monday (April 28) he told Dave & Dujanovic on KSL radio that he was disappointed that there was not greater ballot access during this global pandemic and that the people deserve choices. (Beginning at 7:07 into the conversation.)

Could candidates who took the convention only route and who were narrowly eliminated in convention ask to be placed on the ballot? For example, Michelle Boulter (Senate District 29 Ipson) was eliminated by just 1 vote and Marci Green Campbell (Senate District 23 Weiler) was denied a place on the ballot by just 4 delegate votes. And, in U.S. House District 1, could Tina Cannon demand that she be put on the primary ballot along with Kerry Gibson and Blake Moore since she only lost by 14 votes in the final roll-up of votes?

Could these convention only candidates argue that given the difficulties imposed by the coronavirus lock down it was hard for them to communicate with delegates who were carry-overs from 2 years ago, that in certain cases the appointment of replacement delegates was questionable and that they frequently received incorrect or incomplete delegate lists?

Ronald Mortensen

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