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Davis County Drive-Thru Nominating Convention Bests Online Conventions

Rather than using an untried online voting system that lacks transparency and may require technical assistance, the Davis County Republican Party elected to keep it simple by using paper ballots with delegates ranking their choices for each office (IRV voting).

Delegates were given a time to arrive at the voting center, followed the instructions to find their credentialing area and completed everything in a simple three step process without ever getting out of their cars. Step 1 verify credentials and get a paper ballot. Step 2 go to the designated parking area and fill out the paper ballot. Step 3 stop on way out to deposit the paper ballot in the ballot box. Many delegates spent less than 10 minutes at the voting center and the results were posted by the party shortly after the voting ended.

76% of delegates showed up and were credentialed. Convention volunteers wore masks and gloves and maintained proper social distancing.

Republican county conventions that relied on online voting appear to have fared less well. According the Utah County Republican Party website, “While not perfect, we had a successful digital convention using the Voatz app. Thanks to all for their patience and willingness to persevere through this process.”

The Salt Lake County Republican Party’s convention drug on for days with the second round of voting running into Monday evening with results promised before Monday midnight.

Ronald Mortensen

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